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 Shri Mulkeshwar

The God who rescued in the middle of the night I still remember an experience told by my father. This happened about 17 yrs. Back . Once my father was getting ready to somebody’s house . It would have been 10 p.m. by the time he would have reached his destination when he came came behind the temple, he heard husky strong voice. “ Today is Monday and Lord Manguesh’s Palanguin is there. Why you want to leave now ? Go later” . The voice came from behind . Hence he turned around . But there was nobody there . He was confused because his of this. He seen everywhere but nobody was there. He was surprised . He never used to go anywhere leaving the Monday’s Palanguin tradition. But the day he wanted to go for some reasons. But suddenly, after hearing this voice , he changed his mind , because he was sure, that the voice must be none other than his savior Shree Mulkeshwara.

The journeys to far off distances were also blessed by Shree Mulkeshwara. In olden days, the train to Mumbai use to come to Castle rock. We had to go by bus to Castle rock and then walk to the railway station from bus stand. This used to be a trouble for the aged people. One day my father reached there at 12.30 midnight. It was dark everywhere. How to travel or walk down with baggage, a huge man with a blanket on his shoulder came there and said, “Don’t worry, I will carry your luggage, He took the luggage and carried to the railway station and kept in the compartment of the train. My father asked him for charges but he refused to take any money saying, “Let it be.” he disappeared in crowd around on the platform. He knows in his heart, the person who helped on the dark night without taking any money was none other than Lord Mulkeshwara.

Any devotee of God Manguesh, having any problem at any time remembers the God Manguesh from the depth of heart and is sure to get help to solve the problem through Mulkeshwara without even a small bit of scratch. This is the ultimate truth. Many people have experienced the existence and presence of Mulkeshwara. Such people are still alive.