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One should visit the temple with a holy spirit /feelings. Only then, the noble intension of one’s visit will be reached. Such dedicated visits to holy places can lead the mortals to the immortal peace in heaven, says the history of puranas. Shri Manguesh Temple is a very pious place. The incarnation of Shiva residing here is believed to be satisfying everybody’s wish who devotes himself to him. This place is famous all over the world as vows fulfilling religious ground.
This can be proved by one’s experiences and These regulations are expected to be followed very strictly. 

  1. Before entering the main area of the temple all the devotees/visitors should remove their footwear without even touching the first step (stair) of the temple on either of the main staircase leading to entrance of the temple. If they are left in the middle the mahajans, purohit etc. who may be entering the temple for some holy rituals may touch them without their knowledge, for which they may have to take bath again etc. Hence it is better to take precaution so that such a touch to footwear does not occur.
  2. The visitors who have had any deliveries new born in their first relations or those who have had any deaths in their families are not supposed to enter the temple for 10-12 days of such an occurrence.
  3. Similarly, pregnancy 4 months after delivery is considered un-precious for any religious activities.
  4. The young girls proceeding towards maturity are not to enter the grabhagruha of the temple.
  5. Hot drinks, alcohol, meat, fish etc. are considered untouchable from the point of view of religious believed. Hence, such things should not be taken in the temple premises or should not eaten in the temple premises.
  6. At the time of aarti as well as while taking darshan, the devotees/visitors are requested to be in two queues and avoid
  7. pushing one another or any other bad things that may happen due to heavy rush. The devotees/visitors should not talk loudly. Because talking loudly disturbs the pooja.
  8. Visitors of other religion or places etc. should be given due respect which will help to develop humanity with religious spirit.
  9. The visitors are interested to donate any money are requested to meet the managing committee and take a official receipt of it duly signed by the member of Managing Committee.
  10. If more than one Rupee or any offerings in the form of gold, silver or any other metal are offered in the plate before God, please ask for the due receipt of it from the Pujari (Brahmin) on duty.
  11. No money or anything else as tip should not be given to other servants of the temple. Money that you wish offer/donate to the temple should be put into the fund box placed on the square of the temple “Kanik” in the form of money or any other material may offered in the plate in front of the idol which is then given to the managing committee and due receipt of the same may be taken from the secretary of the Managing Committee.

If any devotee/visitor wishes to send money as donation by Post, M.O. or Cheque then the address for communication is as follows –
Shri Dev Manguesh, C/o Shri Mangesh Devasthan, Managing Committee,
Shristhal Mangueshi, Priol, at Post Mardol – Goa.

Any enquiry or complaints etc. regarding any Brahmin or servant or any suggestions that have to be made regarding anything for the betterment of the temple, may be done to the secretary of the managing committee by personally meeting him. The visitor who respects the rituals and regulations mentioned above can be permitted to enter the temple.